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Jun 11, 2017
## Fixes
- Fix phone zoom. This is now a FiveM keybind ( see keybinds in your GTAV menu ) (Dustin)
- Fix tattoos for NB characters (Mooshe)
- Fix being unable to pick up empty storage containers (Dustin)
- Fix /paytow paying the cops, and not the tow driver (Dustin)
- Make finger printing evidence system operational (Dustin)
- Fix /gps not working on the passenger-side of a vehicle
- Resolve DOC issues: (Dustin)
- Loadout​
- Revive/Search/Frisk​
- Garage location & other circle shenanigans​
- However, the new gate is still not ready yet​
- Fix Chihuahua Hotdogs shop missing (Dustin)
- Fix Paleto liquor store map icon missing (Dustin)
- Attempt to fix vehicle customization issues when spawning a vehicle from your garage (Dustin)
- Attempt to fix some voip issues (Dustin)
- Attempt to fix refueling with passengers not working (Dustin)
- Add menu to court house to pay off citations to fix the broken /payticket (Dustin)
- Fix a potential source of lag ( really dont know the impact of this ) (Dustin)
- Fix RNG algorithm to actually be pseudo-random (Mooshe)
- Fix "Morris Mutual" not working: if your car is no longer on the map, it *should* be available in your garage automatically.

## Adjustments
- Various weapon adjustments (damage, handling) (SirMatticus)
- Police bike handling adjustments (Dustin/UnironicallyAverage/SirMatticus)
- Smuggling payout changes (Dustin)
- Update FX Server to fx4960

Thank you for all your bug reports! Thank you Klor (and others) sifting through them and making it easy for us to pick up!

Thanks to Niklas for testing
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